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Workforce Management & Planning

Most companies have a workforce planning and workforce analytics capability. However, the information required to ensure effective and accurate planning is often siloed within different parts of your organization.

CXC help companies achieve an accurate line of sight into current and future resource demand, ensuring that your demand planning moves from “ last in time” to “ first in time” ensuring that you have the right resources at the right time. Increased foresight of roles will mean fewer unfilled vacancies, reducing the workload on existing staff and thereby maintaining morale.

Workforce analytics provides visibility of an organisations greatest expense- your workforce, both permanent and flexible. CXC’s tailored model enables companies to identify human capital needs before they even arise and efficiently allocate resources globally to staff projects appropriately – reducing reliance on vendors.

CXC design tailored, innovative workforce solutions to match your organisations plan for growth, transformation or restructuring.


  • Allows your organsiation to access talent on demand
  • Increased visibility and oversight of your global internal talent pool
  • Improved time to hire metrics
  • Reduced costs and reliance on 3rd party vendors
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