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Vendor Neutral Management

Across a large enterprise there may be a wide group of staffing agencies and service providers supplying contingent workers. In our experience, proactively managing this group can reap significant benefits.

CXC offer a Vendor Neutral service, whereby we will manage all vendors providing contingent workers. Typically, we will agree robust Service Level Agreements, monitor supplier performance, regulate payment and billing cycles and seek to further consolidate your supplier base. If required ,we can also undertake vendor audits and selections.


  • Reduce total cost of procurement by outsourcing the vendor management process
  • Vendor performance will be enhanced by the regular reviews and improvement in processes, communications and purchaser/vendor interaction.
  • Improved quality control by measuring and monitoring supplier performance ensuring process and performance consistency.
  • Cost transparency and reduction from consolidated supply chain, transparent payment cycle and rate card adherence.
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