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Cost Transformation

CXC have created a Spend and Process Audit tool that establishes how many contingent workers you have, what you are paying them, who is supplying them and whether you are paying more for your contingent workers than you should.

CXC Corporate Services provide a comprehensive report identifying the areas of risk and a remediation plan for same. We can then implement the remediation plan or provide advice to your organisation on how to best implement the plan.

We have solutions that reduce administration cost by streamlining processes to save time and money, and reduce human error, by reducing invoicing mistakes and manual reconciliation by providing consolidated supplier invoices.

Simplify even the most complex tax rules and legislative regulations with configurable business rules and billing schedules.

We negotiate savings with suppliers by contractor benchmarking, introducing rate cards and working with your suppliers to ensure that costs are reduced year on year.


  • Streamlined payment and settlement, saving time and money on overheads and administration
  • Greater visibility and control over your suppliers and contingent worker population spend leading to better decision making and cost reductions across your business.
  • Normalising vendor staffing rate structures leading to further cost reductions
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