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Contingent Workforce Management

In our experience very few Enterprises know the true size and scale of their contingent worker population. We work with multiple functions & stakeholders across your enterprise to learn exactly how many contingent workers are currently on site and which organisations are providing them.

CXC are experts at auditing the current and actual cost of contingent workers. CXC Corporate Services quickly establish if your contingent workforce are overpaid when compared to the market and your competitors.

We have unrivalled expertise in benchmarking and forecasting across your contingent worker population, and provide excellent insight into the future cost of contingent workers.

Moreover, CXC have the experience of managing and paying over 10,000 contractors globally.


  • 100 % Compliance with local tax legislation and employee/employer regulations. – reducing risk
  • Greater control and visibility over your contingent worker population and associated vendors.
  • Operational efficiency through proactive contingent workforce management and simplified contract arrangements.
  • Improved governance across your business in line with international best practice.
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