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Contingent Workforce Compliance

Our global expertise ensures that your organization is fully compliant in each region and country that you operate in.

Regulation and legislation defines how organisations ought to treat temporary workers and contractors; this landscape changes frequently and is very different in a range of geographies, hiring managers are frequently unaware of their or their organisations responsibilities. We ensure compliance across every part of your enterprise minimising risk.

There are no two countries that treat contingent workers in the same way; the rights of non-permanent employees vary greatly and are even more complex when contingent workers employed in one country and deployed to another.

Our global footprint and expertise means that we are uniquely positioned to advise on this issue.


  • Reduced exposure to legal and litigation risk both locally and globally
  • 100% compliant contingent workforce
  • Reduced costs and administration as CXC manage this process for you, leading to process efficiencies.
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