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Platform Companies: Your Workforce is in the News. Get Compliant With CXC.

Platform service providers are in the news on a regular basis, especially this year, as employment definitions, union participation, and business classifications come under scrutiny.

December 7, 2016

Keeping your Workforce Up to Speed with Global Growth

The momentum of global growth across your business is difficult to maintain if your workforce isn’t flexible and compliant in each country you have moved

November 28, 2016

Going Global: Resources for Expansion from CXC

Globalization is no laughing matter, and CXC understands the sheer quantity that needs to be done when you’re looking at growing your business across borders

November 4, 2016

Trends, Disruption, and Food: How the Global Food Industry is Changing

  Staffing Solutions for Changing Trends in the Food Industry This Storify gives you the lowdown and some staffing solutions you can apply to make

September 13, 2016

Blockchain and Banking: Disruption on a Global Scale [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blockchain technology is being touted as an infinitely disruptive force in the banking sector. A large amount of this hype is fairly Utopian, with talk

September 5, 2016

Maverick Spend in the Future of Work: Top Gun’s Lesson

MAVERICK SPEND. A term that is as synonymous with irresponsible procurement practices as it is with managing your last-minute spend like a pro. Whatever your

August 29, 2016

The Future of Work: How and Why, from a Global Perspective

The Future of Work is a topic that is bringing organisations together in order to discuss best practices around recruitment, engagement, and retention of contingent

February 27, 2018

Globalization, Tech and the Gig Economy: 2016 So Far

2016 has been a year of great change so far, and no sector has been left untouched. From world economies to start-up successes, growth, change,

August 17, 2016

Hiring the Olympic Way: Lessons from Rio Employment Agencies

An Olympic Feat: 85000 Outsourced Jobs in Rio In September last year, the Olympic organising committee announced that it would be outsourcing 90,000 jobs for

August 11, 2016

The Future of Work: Uncharted Policy Waters (Video)

At CXC Global, we specialise in managing the risks, constraints, and opportunities that are ever-present in the growing gig economy. Using contingent workers works –

August 8, 2016

The Industry Hit List: How Changing Economies Impact the Top 6

Brexit has created an uncertain environment, but the outlook isn’t all bad. We look at the projected gains and losses across our top 6 industries and

July 26, 2016

Ahead of the Game: Gig-Economy Lessons from Pokémon

Pokémon, like most crazes, has come along like a hurricane and changed mobile apps into forces of nature. In a constantly-changing world, trends like these really

July 21, 2016

The Premier League After Brexit

When you do a quick Google search of ‘Premier League Brexit’, you get a large number of posts discussing the loss of great players, quite

July 18, 2016

HQ After Brexit: Why Ireland?

The recent result in the UK’s Brexit Referendum has created one of the greatest political shocks of recent times.  It’s a result that many individuals,

July 18, 2016

CXC Global and Qwil Partner to Deliver Instant Pay to CXC Global Contractors

        Workforce solutions leader CXC Global™ and fintech pioneer Qwil have announced a formal partnership to provide instant access to compensation for

June 16, 2016

PRESS RELEASE – CXC Global & Sequensant Partner

  CXC Global is pleased to formulate a global partnership with Sequensant, a global contingent workforce supply chain company. Bill Morgan, President of Sequensant, has

June 16, 2016

MSP, VMS, FMS – CXC Underpinning the Contingent Worker Ecosystem

Where does CXC fit among the VMS / FMS and Global MSP Community. With the so called 50 by 20 fast approaching (Percentage of Workforce

June 6, 2016

Passionately Curious – Future of Work Podcast

Are you interested in innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR?  Do you want to hear more about the opportunities emerging technologies can offer both

May 11, 2016

Uber Drivers to Remain as Independent Contractors: US

  Failed class-action by Uber Drivers in the US Uber, arguably the biggest gig-economy business of recent years (if not the most talked about), had

May 2, 2016

Globalization and the Future of Work Forum – Embracing the new World of Work

“Globalization and the Future of Work Forum” The Future of Work, how we work, the way workers are engaged, how technology is transforming the distribution

May 9, 2016

CXC Align with Gallagher and Consultants to create Best in Class Global Contingent Workforce Solutions

CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global company and the global leader in multi-country compliant contingent workforce solutions, has entered into a Global strategic alliance with

April 25, 2016

CXC Global at Bloomberg BNA Conference

  On March 23, 2016 in Raleigh, NC CXC Global America’s JP Gooch, Global Director of Client and Partner Solutions presented at the Bloomberg BNA Conference “Hot Issues

April 12, 2016

CXC Global at Acsess 2016 National Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario

CXC Global Canada and CXC Corporate Services are proud to be exhibitors at the upcoming Acsess Canada 2016 National Conference on April 27-29 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. John Smith

April 12, 2016

CXC Global and Corporate Services Creating Jobs in Dublin!

CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global company are thrilled to be creating thirty new jobs in Dublin with the opening of our first  EMEA hub and

April 11, 2016

The Ecosystem Model – Today’s Approach in Managing the New Generation of Contingent Workforce

  Ecosystem – a system, or a group of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment. The ecosystem

March 28, 2016

Meet the Speakers! Globalization and the Future of Work Forum #CXCFutureofWork

  On April 5th, 2016 CXC Global and CXC Corporate Services, in collaboration with CXC Global America’s, are hosting the “Globalization and the Future of

March 28, 2016

2016 Global Industry Events to Attend

2016 is now well underway and people are lining up which conferences to attend around the globe.  We know you can’t attend every conference, so we’ve compiled

February 19, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Elevate and CXC partner to create a unique value proposition

  4th February 2016 – PRESS RELEASE “Elevate and CXC partner to create a unique value proposition” CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global company and

February 12, 2016

Contingent Labor: Getting The Gig Economy Right

“Part of CXC Global’s mission is to educate and share knowledge with companies around the globe on compliance trends. When it comes to Global Compliance,

February 3, 2016

Contingent Workforce Expansion and Global Compliance Management – Whitepaper

It is no secret that today’s contingent workforce, which is comprised of temporary staff, freelancers, independent talent, and SOW-based labor, is rapidly growing and evolving.

February 3, 2016

The Contingent Workforce – 2016 and Beyond!

“2015 was a fantastic year for the CXC Global team, in terms of growth of market and responding to client needs. We launched our Corporate Services

January 18, 2016

The Gig Economy – So…What’s it all about? #CXCFutureofwork

The ‘Gig Economy’ is the subject of many articles, research papers, discussions at conferences et al, however, it has become apparent that there is still a

January 25, 2016

Global Partnership Announced – CXC Corporate Services Partners with Rision

27th November, 2015 CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global company, and the global leader in compliant contingent workforce solutions, has entered into a reciprocal value

December 2, 2015

#CXCFutureofWork Summit Recap – Redefining The Future of Work

Have you wondered about how technology is changing the face of HR, Talent Acquisitionand Recruitment?  What about how to navigate the Gig Economy and how to prepare

January 25, 2016

CXC Global Future of Work Summit

Future of Work Summit presented by Brian O’ Donovan of Tv3. CXC Global Returns To Ireland To help companies reduce the costs, risks and complexities associated

June 15, 2015

Are You Fueling Your Freelancer Mind?

Independent professionals are now in the front seat when it comes to possessing the skills and knowledge that is relevant and up-to-date. With this in

May 25, 2015

The Next Generation – Is The Contingent Workforce The New Perm?

Part One The popularity of contracting has increased substantially in recent years and for good reason – namely working flexibility, the ability to earn more

May 25, 2015

Is The Contingent Workforce The New Perm? (Part Two)

Last week, in part one, we explored the factors that have given rise to the booming contingent workforce economy, and how this is influencing and

May 25, 2015

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Contracting Overseas

By Michelle Reilly, Managing Director for UK & Europe at CXC Global As a UK contractor, there are very few places that you can’t operate. But, in

May 25, 2015

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance – Contingent Workforce Classification.

Getting it right pays off in the long-term! Employing and managing staff can be complex especially if not managed appropriately and taken seriously. Not knowing

May 25, 2015


The trend of increasing business use of contingent labor has been in evidence over the past 20 years and, and as the use of contingent

May 25, 2015

The Enabling and Amplifying Effects of Technology – The World Wide Workforce

So while there are many ways to look at the impacts of new technology on businesses and management of human resources over the past 20

May 25, 2015

World Wide Workforce – The Growing Utilization Of Global Talent

The previously noted 2012 Oxford Economics study stated the following: “In 1990, the total of the world’s exports and imports accounted for only 30% of

May 25, 2015

The Path To Success. Thinking Global – Here’s what you need to know!

A few weeks ago, in the article Compliant Contractor Management – Contingent Workforce Classification we discussed the importance of correctly classifying your contingent workforce and the complexities

May 25, 2015

What Will It Really Take To Implement a WWW (World Wide Workforce)? CXC Global Is Working On The Answer.

Andrew Karpie, Workforce Industry Specialist of The Research Platform, recently produced a whitepaper with CXC Global to define the emerging World Wide Workforce and Contingent Workforce Solutions, why

May 25, 2015

Global Warning – Skills Shortages Will Be Felt In Wake of Large Projects

By Michelle Reilly, Managing Director, CXC Global EMEA. CXC Global believes the global economy could be facing a severe shortage of skilled contractors if some

May 25, 2015

Organizations – “Don’t Run Before You Can Walk”! Be Compliant, Do Your Research.

Case Study Proof Is In The Practice There is nothing better than bringing words to life via example, and in this new blog article, this

May 25, 2015

CXC Russia Goes Global!

Global News Update On the 12 March, CXC Global Europe and CXC Global Russia joined forces to host a successful breakfast seminar in London. In

May 25, 2015
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