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CXC Corporate Services is a Leading Provider
of Global Contingent Work Force Solutions

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Facilitating Efficiency

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What We Do

Improve Contingent Workforce Governance

We have a proven methodology for establishing contingent workforce control and ensuring that all suppliers are fully compliant with local legislation and global standards.

Focus on Risk
and Cost Reduction

We are 100% vendor neutral. Risk and cost reduction are our core competencies.

Global Experience Working with Leading Enterprises

Managing over 10000 contingent workers globally and operating as trusted advisors to our clients in all aspects of contingent workforce management.

Globalization & The Futureofwork Summit. #CXCFutureofwork


How can I gain greater visibility of spend on contingent workers and suppliers?

CXC have created a Spend and Process Audit tool that establishes how many contingent workers you have, what you are paying them, who is supplying them and whether you are paying more for your contingent workers than you should.

Do you know if your classification processes for contingent workers are keeping pace with regulatory requirements?

As a leading global workforce solutions provider, CXC offers an ongoing solution that provides an efficient means to classify and engage this valuable contingent workforce, so you get all the benefits with minimal risks.

Do you know how many contingent workers you have across your organization?

In our experience very few Enterprises know the true size and scale of their contingent worker estate. We work with multiple functions & stakeholders across your enterprise to learn exactly how many contingent workers are currently on site and which organisations are providing them and more importantly how much this is costing your organization. Does CXC recruit contract or permanent staff?